Monday, December 27, 2010

Imbalances in MEN & WOMEN are DANGEROUS.

Are you nutritionally balanced? 
Chances are you aren't which potentially will create a lot of health problems down the road.
Symptoms of Hormonal Imbalances Are:   
  • obesity
  • depression
  • most forms of cancer
  • diabetes
  • growth abnormalities
  • aging
  • infertility
  • mood swings
  • heart disease
  • sleep apnea
  • high cholesterol

Causes Are:  
  • Pollution,
  • Toxic diet
  • Lack of iodine
  • Heavy metals
  • Plastics
  • Pesticides
  • Goitrogens

Disease & Illness are the RESULT of hormonal imbalances. 

Women with a hormone imbalance are more likely to develop uterine, cervical or breast cancer, while men with a hormone imbalance are more likely to develop prostrate cancer.

Autoimmune Diseases
According to the Hormone Foundation, lupus and other autoimmune diseases may be caused or aggravated by an imbalance in hormones.

Cushing's Syndrome
Cushing's syndrome is caused by chronic high levels of cortisol in the body, is caused by chronic high levels of cortisol in the body, either produced by the body or by taking cortisol-like medications such as prednisone. It can cause a host of problems, such as weight gain, high blood pressure, diabetes, osteoporosis, infertility and decreased sex drive.
This disease occurs when there is any over-production of growth hormones by the pituitary gland, which causes bones to grow at an abnormally fast rate. According to the Mayo Clinic, it usually affects middle-aged adults. It is also known as gigantism when it affect children. 

Hyperthyroidism (also known as an overactive thyroid), can occur as the result of an overproduction of the hormone thyroxine. Hyperthyroidism can cause problems such as rapid weight loss or gain, a rapid heart beat, tremors, nervousness, fatigue and goiters. It could also be an indication of another autoimmune condition, such as Grave's disease. 

Warning: If you suspect that you have a hormone imbalance, make it a priority to see your physician. You may need a referral to an endocrinologist who can help to get your hormones balanced before any major health issues arise.

Resources: The Hormone Foundation, David Wolfe, ehow 

Ring in the New Year with Bubbly Benefits

Hmm one of my favorite beverages I LOVE LOVE LOVE to drink (when I do) is Champagne. For any secret admirers out there, for the record Champagne Moet & Chandon Dom Perignon 2002 is quite lovely. :) :) 

Toasting to bubbly's big benefits your heart, smooths your skin and more! 

A glass of bubbly is about 78 calories per 4 oz pour -- it's one of the lowest calorie libations you can enjoy guilt-free. 

  • Champagne reduces risk of heart attacks & stroke because of the polyphenols in the bubbly lower blood pressure. Remember moderation is key!  
  • Champagne's carbon dioxide may help tighten your skin, and it polyphenols combat redness. Soak in a soothing bath: combine 1 cup powdered milk & 1/2 cup of Epsom salts in bowl; add 1 or more cups of any sparkling wine (get the cheap stuff honey) and 1 tablespoon of honey warmed in the microwave for 30 seconds. Stir, then pour into running bath water. Add rose petals for a spa like feeling -- then sip a glass while you soak. AHHHHH! 
  • Feeling like a Oscar the Grouch lately? Drink some Champagne! Bubbly contains natural trace minerals that may boost your mood..REMEMBER moderation darling!
  • Take the left over flat Champagne and make a yummy vinaigrette. Combine in a small bowl, 2 tablespoons of Champagne, 2 teaspoons of extra-virgin olive oil, 1 teaspoon white balsamic vinegar, 1/4 teaspoon each of sea salt & freshly ground pepper; whisk well. Drizzle over 5 oz of baby spinach toss with walnuts and YUMMY!!!

Sunday, December 26, 2010

B4 Hitting the Bar or Party on NY's Eve or ANY TIME ~ :):)

Eat a meal rich in fiber, carbohydrates, and healthy fats - like those found in avocado & nuts. They help slow the body's absorption of alcohol. One of my PRE drink meals is quinoa (keen-wah).

Be sure to nibble as you drink on things like nuts. It's ideal to stick to light-colored liquors like vodka or white wine over dark ones like whiskey and red wine, because they contain less chemicals calle congeners, which can leave you with a splitting headache. Avoid add-ins like sour mix, which pack preservatives that can make hangovers HELL! Plus, they will spike your blood glucose which will send you crashing - leading you to crave MORE alcohol.  

Oh dear ~ no wonder I want more more more when I have those mixed friggin' drinks ~ LMAO.

Research has shown it's not a good idea to mix diet soda & booze.
WHY? Sugar substitutes may speed the absorption of alcohol into the bloodstream.  

Okay - a tip from the EX-PARTY girl herself (sometimes I think I can still drink like I used to - clearly I cannot). Alternate drink with a nice tall glass of water to combat alcohol dehydrating effect. Dehydration is a killer on the body not to mention your internal organs and cells.

If you do manage to OVER DO IT :) drink coconut water before bed to rehydrate or WANT MORE ENERGY to replenish lost electrolytes. 

Include bananas, eggs, Isalean Protein Shake, plenty of water, eating healthy, brisk walk & my personal HANGOVER REMEDY to get you firing on all cylinders the next morning and day.

These are just a few tips and foods to help your alcohol-ravaged body recover. 
Happy New Year!!!!

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Even Frosty the Snow Man Is BUSTED from ALL the Holiday Cheer!!!!


Did you pack on the pounds & now your fat pants don't fit?

Do you ask yourself these questions lately?????
  • Why do I feel so tired?
  • Why can't I lose weight despite my dieting & loads of exercise?
  • Why do I feel so depressed? 
  • Why do 1 in 2 people get cancer?   
  • Why is my child's life expectancy less than mine?

New Year -- New You 
starts 01/10/11

Username:  nychealthychick
Password:   PRIVATE -- call or tm 347-306-8864

Watch Intro to Isagenix and What's Next videos

Intro Calls are 01/04 & 01/06
9PM Eastern at 712-432-0075 PIN 902109#

It's Nutritional Rebalancing & LIFESTYLE CHANGES :):)

See why when you meet Jen Smith, 20 year veteran in exercise physiology & nutrition. She's HILARIOUS when she talks about bbq's, birthday parties, boating, fried calamari & drinking a few glass of wine!!

 Happy NEW YEAR -- NEW YOU!!!

Merry Christmas For Those Who Celebrate!!!

So this is Christmas -- John Lenon

As we close out this holiday season -- it is a time to reflect upon what is and what isn't.

I believe my BIG take away this year that NOTHING IS EVERYTHING & EVERYTHING IS NOTHING. I am finding I have it all right now and this will allow for a lot more to come into my life.

I have some REALLY big plans for 2011 to help inspire you to GROW, CHANGE & DREAM again in all areas of your life...ideal relationship, career, physical wellness (ideal body weight, improved health), & being connected to your higher self.

My journey into 2011 and my 43rd year of life is going to be ONE of the most memorable years of my life. I am determined to have one of the most JUICY, SASSY & HEALTHY YEARS of my life.

I'm promoting a NEW YEAR, NEW YOU program in conjunction with Jen Smith Training.
We are a determined group of people who are ready to be empowered with better health & wellness.
It starts 01/10/11. More details to come.


Oh -- remember you can eat what you want just get back on track on the 26th!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Falling off the wagon in 2010

Wowsa! I've been so wrapped up with LIFE that I completely forgot my blog. Branding myself while being exposed deadly mold and taking on my former slum landlord in court has been a full-time job. 

While ending the year of all years - I've begun my journey called
HAVING IT ALL in 2011/New Year - New Me

I completed my Peak Potentials Training program this summer with Wizard Camp. What an amazing experience I had. All I can tell you is that I'm using all the tools taught during camp which has been one of my saving graces this past six months. 

This past August while attending Isagenix Convention, I made a YouTube video stating that, "I want to be Jen Smith when I grow up - an Isagenix Millionaire." GUESS WHAT? 30 days later my wish was granted. I got to become a guest team member of Jen Smith Training. AMAZING!!!!

I am currently following Winning the Inner Game of Money with John Assaraf. In just a few weeks I am experiencing some profound shifts in my thinking and my behaviors. I can't wait to see what I will be like in another 60+ days from now.

Other things I'm working on is getting NYC HEALTHY CHICK out there in a BIG way with the following:
  • 1000 fans on my NYC HEALTHY CHICK fan page by 12/31/10
  • 1000 followers on my NYC HEALTHY CHICK twitter account by
  • Then launching my coaching business in 2011-2012
I want to wish everyone the BEST holiday season as we are winding down the last days of 2010.

Here is to living a SASSY ~ JUICY ~ HEALTHY LIFE!!!


Sunday, June 20, 2010

10 Reasons to Take Nutritional Supplements

Many people still question the importance of taking supplements at all.  Here are ten reasons to consider supplementing your diet with high-quality nutrients:
1. Current commercial agriculture techniques leave soil deficient in important minerals, causing the food grown in this soil to share the same mineral deficiencies.
2. Many foods are shipped long distances and are stored for long periods of time, both of which cause the depletion of vitamins in these foods, including the important B-complex and C vitamins.
3. Food processing, cooking, and preserving leads to nutrient depletion in our food supply that makes it difficult to obtain adequate nutrition from foods alone.
4. Many fruits and vegetables are genetically bred to improve visual appeal and crop yields, not nutritional value, which frequently results in lesser nutritional values than our ancestors’ food supply.
5. Erratic eating habits, insufficient chewing of food, eating on the run, and stress contribute to poor digestion, and make it difficult for our bodies to extract all the nutrients it needs from food.

6. Pharmaceutical drug use has escalated over time.  Most medications deplete essential nutrients, making people more vulnerable to deficiencies.

7. Specific times in life and health conditions may result in higher needs of certain nutrients.  For example, folic acid needs tend to be higher during pregnancy, while menopausal women may be vulnerable to calcium deficiencies.

8. Increasing levels of environmental pollution in our air, water and food may cause our bodies to use more nutrients than normal to detoxify and eliminate harmful substances.  This is especially true of the antioxidant vitamins, some of which include: the “ACE Vitamins:” Vitamins A, C, and E.

9. We all have genetic weaknesses, including higher needs of some nutrients, higher rates of depletion for certain nutrients, and an increased likelihood of genetic expression of some illnesses if vitamin or mineral deficiencies are present.

10. Many nutrients have been proven to prevent or aid in the treatment of health conditions like high cholesterol, arthritis, birth defects, and cancer.  Check out my articles on the vitamins and minerals that help prevent cancer.

Of course, you should always consult a qualified health professional first to avoid any drug-nutrient interactionsAnd avoid supplements with sweeteners, colors, artificial flavors, preservatives, or fillers.  Children should always take supplement formulas designed for their needs.

Michelle Schoffro Cook, RNCP, ROHP, DNM, is an international best-selling and seven-time book author and doctor of natural medicine, whose works include: The Life Force DietThe Ultimate pH SolutionThe 4-Week Ultimate Body Detox Plan and the upcoming book, The Phytozyme Cure.

Are You The One?

Check out my YouTube video -  Are you the ONE?

One of my favorite questions to ask my potential clients is how important is your health? All of them say that is very important but how many are actually ready to make the necessary changes to be healthier. I have found that 1 in 10 people actually decide to make changes to get healthy. When you make the decision to get healthy and commit to it - all the right people, resources and circumstances will show up.

Off and on for the past 20 years, I have committed to getting healthy. It has been a journey for me and just keeps getting better each time I make a decision to improve my health. Three years ago, I made a decision to upgrade and improve my nutrition through a program called Isagenix. Making that one decision led to meeting several graduates from The Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN) who used Isagenix in their health counseling program. My next step on my journey was to attend IIN and become a certified holistic health counselor. I had also made the decision to become a certified personal trainer because exercise was just one of the key components to better health and wellness for me.

Bottom line? Based on making that one decision 3 years ago to improve my health has led me to where I am today with my own health journey. If you told me 20 years ago I would be branded as NYC Healthy Chick who empowers and educates others to live healthier, happier and more fulfilling lives - I would have probably said - YOU'RE CRAZY!!!!!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010


9 years ago Isagenix began educating people about the importance of nutritional cleansing.....

Now it's a REALITY more than EVER!


Is enough being done to protect us from chemicals 
that could harm us? 
Watch "Toxic America," a special two-night investigative report with Sanjay Gupta M.D.
June 2 & 3 at 8 p.m. ET on CNN.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Do It With A Friend

Do It With A Friend

No silly ~ I'm not talking about having sex with your BFF!

Get your mind outta the gutter please! LOL

What am I talking about here? Getting healthy together is far more empowering than going at it alone. I HATE doing things by myself don't you? It's far more fun and exciting to do it with a friend.

Check out my Do It With A Friend clip on YouTube with Alison Pena of -- she has joined me in getting healthier, happier AND wealthier in our lives in the next 90 days!

Watch what we have going and leave a comment on what you think about our video.

Where do you want to be in 90 days?

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Shhhh - They Are the Best Kept Secret to......

Green vegetables are the foods most missing in modern diets. Learning to cook and eat greens is essential to creating health. When you nourish yourself with greens, you will naturally crowd out the foods that make you sick. Greens help build your internal rain forest and strengthen the blood and respiratory systems. They are especially good for city people who rarely see fields of green in open countryside. Green is associated with spring, the time of renewal, refreshment and vital energy. In Asian medicine, green is related to the liver, emotional stability and creativity.

Nutritionally, greens are very high in calcium, magnesium, iron, potassium, phosphorous, zinc and vitamins A, C, E and K. They are crammed with fiber, folic acid, chlorophyll and many other micronutrients and phyto-chemicals.

Some of the benefits from eating dark leafy greens are:
Blood purification
Cancer prevention
Improved circulation Strengthened immune system Promotion of healthy intestinal flora
Promotion of subtle, light and flexible energy
Lifted spirit and elimination of depression Improved liver, gall bladder and kidney function Cleared congestion, especially in lungs, by reducing mucus

There are so many greens to choose from. Find greens that you love and eat them often. When you get bored with your favorites, be adventurous and try greens that you’ve never heard of before. Broccoli is very popular among adults and children. Each stem is like a tree trunk, giving you strong, grounded energy. Rotate between bok choy, napa cabbage, kale, collards, watercress, mustard greens, broccoli rabe, dandelion and other leafy greens. Green cabbage is great in the form of sauerkraut or raw. Arugula, endive, chicory, lettuce, mesclun and wild greens are generally eaten raw, but can be consumed in any creative way you enjoy. Spinach, Swiss chard and beet greens are best eaten in moderation because they are high in oxalic acid, which depletes calcium from bones and teeth, and may lead to osteoporosis. Cook these vegetables with something rich like tofu, seeds, nuts, beans, butter, animal products or oil. This will balance the effect of the oxalic acid.

Cooking Greens
Try a variety of methods like steaming, boiling, sautéing in oil, water sautéing, waterless cooking or lightly pickling, as in a pressed salad. Boiling makes greens plump and relaxed. Boil for under a minute so that the nutrients in the greens do not get lost in the water. You can also drink the cooking water as a healthy broth or tea if you’re using organic greens. Steaming helps vegetables to retain their fiber, causing them to move more easily through the digestive tract. Raw salad is also a wonderful preparation for greens. It’s refreshing, cooling and soft, and supplies live enzymes.

When some people hear “leafy green vegetables,” they often think of iceberg lettuce, but the ordinary, pale lettuce in restaurant salads doesn’t have the power-packed goodness of other greens. Get into the habit of adding these dark, leafy green vegetables to your daily diet. Try it out for a month and see how you feel.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Before you eat your fruits & veggies......

MONDAY, May 17 (HealthDay News) -- New research suggests that exposure to high levels of organophosphate pesticides, commonly found on berries, celery and other produce, could raise the odds for attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) in children.

At this point, though, there is no evidence that pesticide exposure can actually cause ADHD, stated the authors of a paper appearing in the June issue of Pediatrics.

Certainly parents and children shouldn't swear off fruits and veggies, said study lead author Maryse Bouchard, an adjunct researcher in the department of environmental and occupational health at the University of Montreal and at Sainte-Justine University Hospital Centre. However, "I think it's safe to say that we should as much as possible reduce our exposure to pesticides," she said.

That would meaning going organic, buying at farmers' markets and washing fruits and vegetables thoroughly before consuming them, she said. "I always encourage my families to embrace healthy lifestyles in general," agreed Dr. Nakia Scott, clinical assistant professor of psychiatry and behavioral science at Texas A&M Health Science Center College of Medicine and a child psychiatrist with Lone Star Circle of Care. "I think it's much more important that they're eating fruits, vegetables, nuts and grains instead of sodas and fast foods and I'm not saying that they're not going to eat any produce because it might contain pesticides."

Previous research has shown an association between both prenatal and postnatal organophosphate exposure and developmental problems in young children.

But most prior studies have focused on excessive rather than average exposure to organophosphates.
"Organophosphates are one of the most widely used pesticides in agriculture to protect crops and fruits and vegetables," Bouchard noted. "For children, the major source of exposure would be the diet -- fruits and vegetables in particular."

In their study, Bouchard and her colleagues analyzed data on pesticide exposure and ADHD in more than 1,100 American children aged 8 to 15.

Children with higher pesticide levels in their urine were more likely to have ADHD, the team found.
"The analysis showed that the higher the level of exposure [as measured by metabolites in the urine], the higher the odds of having ADHD," Bouchard added.

Just how might pesticides harm brain development? According to the authors, high doses of organophosphates may inhibit acetylcholinesterase, a nervous system enzyme. Lower doses of the pesticide may affect different growth factors and neurotransmitters.

The findings, if replicated, may provide another clue into the causes of ADHD, a condition which affects three to seven percent of school-aged children, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

"We do have a fair amount of evidence about other causes of ADHD," Scott said. "We know that ADHD is a highly heritable disorder. At least one-third of fathers who have had ADHD in their youth have a child with ADHD."

"There are also prenatal risks such as tobacco exposure and alcohol exposure," she added. "There's also a possibility that children who are exposed to high levels of lead prior to the age of six may develop ADHD."

More information
There's more on shielding kids from pesticides at the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

What's my suggestion to address this problem? I recommend to my clients who don't eat enough fruits and vegetables these two products. They are pesticide and herbicide free.

An easy way to meet daily fruit requirements! Get the health benefits of consuming the fruits you need in just one scoop of IsaFruits®. One scoop is the equivalent of an amazing 30 fruits! The delicious, refreshing powder mixed with water, juice or IsaLean® Shakes meets daily fruit requirements for you and your loved ones.

Nutrient-rich plants aren’t all you’ll find in Isagenix Greens!™, you’ll also find a balanced formula of specific herbs, vegetables and more to boost overall health* and enhance the health benefits of Nutritional Cleansing! Now with more antioxidants (we’ve added Vitamin E and three forms of Vitamin C) to fortify immune health, but you’ll also find prebiotics that feed intestinal flora to promote a healthier digestive system. A strong digestive system creates a cleaner internal environment that allows vibrant good health and energy to flourish. If you want optimal health, add Isagenix Greens!™ to your Nutritional Cleansing lifestyle. Now in a great-tasting tropical flavor! Take one tablespoon up to two times daily. 30 servings per canister.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

I Eat Healthy So Why Do I Need Nutritional Cleansing?

This is WHY I practice a nutritional cleansing lifestyle. 

In July 2004, my doctor discovered an 11 lb. non-cancerous mass on my liver. 

He said it was killing me.
The surgery was successful, but devastating: my body was disfigured and I faced four very long, tedious months of discomfort and recovery with no family nearby.  I was left weak, very blue and nutritionally depleted. I really hit rock bottom; most days I couldn't get out of bed.  These were the darkest days of my life.  I never felt so helpless, lifeless and bleak.  Many times a day I would get angry that this was happening to me and I turned to unhealthy food for comfort.
Several years prior to my surgery, I had been a few pounds within my ideal weight, but now I could not lose weight no matter how much exercising or dieting I did. The rapid weight loss and weight gain after 2 major surgeries that year drastically affected my metabolism.  On top of that, my successful nanny referral business suffered as I wasn't able to work for most of that year.  I was physically and financially bankrupt.
Thank goodness one of my trusted doctors told me about Isagenix.  It was a challenge for me to get healthy but if I knew I could lead by example I could help others do the same.  I started using the Isagenix technology in June 2007. In a short time, I started feeling better than I had in years - more energy, better mental clarity, improved sleep and building back lean muscle mass I lost.
Today I am fabulous and 42  - when most people think I am in my early 30's.  Not only am I a cleansing coach, I have become a certified personal trainer and holistic health counselor.  With great pride, I show others how to incorporate Isagenix cleansing as a part of their balanced healthy lifestyle. Isagenix products have given me more energy than I've ever had before so I get to do the things that matter the most to me every day. Ask me how we can get you started with the right program for you.

If you think you eat pretty healthy, check out the facts here as seen here in TIME Magazine - what exactly is going on with our fruits and vegetables. I think the results are profound and you may want to consider what you can do to fill in the gaps. 

Sunday, May 16, 2010

How Safe Is Your Drinking Water?

Water is the basis of all life and that includes your body. Your muscles that move your body are 75% water; your blood that transport nutrients is 82% water; your lungs that provide your oxygen are 90% water; your brain that is the control center of your body is 76% water; even your bones are 25% water.

Our health is truly dependent on the quality and quantity of the water we drink according to The Water Cure - The Miracles of Water to Cure Disease

Remember 64 ounces is key for daily water intake if you are sedentary. Bump it up to half of your body weight in water ounces if you are active or drinking caffeinated beverages and/or alcohol.

How Safe Is Your Drinking Water?
If you live in the most populated cities - like Boston, Dallas, New York, and Seattle - they consistently receive top ratings for high-quality drinking water. Check where your city ranks at

A good rating means your water has very low levels of bacteria, fertilizers, pesticides, medicines, industrial waste, heavy metals like manganese, and by-products from home cleansers, according to ongoing tests by local authorities.  Contaminants are frequently found at harmless levels.

Sometimes and in some locations, however, there are some problems with drinking water. If you live in an area where the water doesn't rate well - or if you are concerned that there's lead in it (which can happen in an older home with lead pipes) - use a filter. Philip Tierno, PhD, an immunologist and microbiologist at New York University, says a filter can eliminate lead and other pollutants and improve taste by cutting back on chlorine, which utilities use to treat water.

Did you know the dollar amount Americans spend on bottled water every year is $16 billion dollars? If your water taste funky, it is a good idea to start filtering your own water instead of buying bottled water all the time.  Here are some filters you can try at home or on the go....
  • The HoMedics Restore Clean Water System ($99.99)
  • The Pur 3 Stage Horizontal Faucet Water Filter ($39.99)
  • The WaterGeeks Filtered Stainless Steel Bottle ($24)
Another important thing to consider is the alkalinity of your water. Drinking water is key to good health—so why not drink the best water possible? Most of us don’t realize that the water we drink, even bottled or purified may be acidic. That’s why it’s important to add IsaWATER Alkalized Concentrate to your water. By drinking alkalized water, or water with a pH level higher than 7.0, you can maximize hydration at the cellular level.

IsaWATER proprietary process delivers a stabilized alkaline concentrate. Just adding 1 mL to an eight-ounce glass of water can energize your water and provide Oxidation-Reduction Potential (ORP) promoting the body’s overall health and wellness by neutralizing free radicals.

Available in 4 oz. bottles for your home or office. You can also purchase an empty 1 oz. travel size bottle, which you can conveniently fill and take with you when on the go.

Why IsaWater Alkalized Concentrate?*
  • Proprietary process delivers a stabilized alkaline concentrate.
  • Helps the body to efficiently cleanse away toxins
  • Energizes water and ensures maximum hydration at the cellular level
  • Helps the body to perform at optimum levels
  • Makes your water taste fresher
  • Neutralizes the harmful free radicals often found in regular drinking water
*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any diseases.

If you are committed to a healthy lifestyle, make drinking enough natural water a habit in your life. It won't take long for you to feel the benefit. It is a free investment for your long-term health.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Book Recommendations

As a graduate from The Institute for Integrative Nutrition, I recommend these books to help you create your healthy, happy & more fulfilling life. Learn what are primary and secondary foods plus how to live more in balance.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Is Where You're Living Zappin' Your Energy?

According to Galina Rozetti, NYC's Apartment Guru, your neighborhood and living space has everything to do with your energy. If you live in a neighborhood and/or an apartment that you can't stand -- it can affect your well-being. Chances are it feels more like a hotel rather than a home. Side effects may include: depression, anger, sadness, low energy & overeating. All these factors may affect the way you interact with your environment and others.

I had an AH HA moment when Galina shared this with me! It made total sense why I was out of balance last year when I moved from my UES cozy studio apartment in a great neighborhood to a 2 bdrm apartment close to beautiful Central Park border of NYC & Harlem. My lease was just about to end and since landlords were offering great rental deals I decided to make a move. The rent was as much my as my studio with more space in an up & coming neighborhood in Harlem. Any NY'er appreciates the value of more for less in the rental market. Then the drama began when I had to take another apartment in the building because of a paperwork mishap with my inexperienced broker - UGH! The apartment didn't come all tidy and freshly painted because of the mishap -- which added to the stress of being a rookie personal trainer at Equinox working 15-20 hour days. Let's just say I wasn't enjoying the experience at all and began really resenting the fact that I had moved.

Man this all really affected my outlook and attitude on life. I found myself tired and exhausted all the time plus this dump became a crash pad for the few hours I was home until returning to train evening clients. The shift began for me when I left my erratic schedule behind at the gym to resume working for myself, demanded a new paint job from my landlord upon renewal of my lease, donating and/or throwing away a ton of useless items, and re-staging my furniture. That's when I FINALLY fell in love with my new apartment. Since then, I have been enjoying cooking & entertaining in my home more along with discovering what a real jewel my neighborhood is plus having daily gratitude to be living so close to Central Park.

Bottom line is EVERYTHING is energy and connected to the space and place where I live.

If you are in need of an apartment and/or neighborhood make over.
Contact Galina Rozetti at 917-363-2359 to find the best match for you!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

How To Have More Natural Energy

As a busy health coach, I do find it challenging to manage my time and energy just like everyone else. My clients depend on me every day for inspiration and guidance to share ways to keep their energy high while keeping it easy, fun & affordable. In order to walk my talk, it requires me to be sure I am putting food into my body that is nutritionally dense and higher quality. It is so easy to go straight for junk food when I'm tired and want to "party with food" to relax and forget my worries.

How do I get more natural energy? I drink a minimum of 64 oz of water every day, eat mostly plant based foods like 1-2 pieces of fruit, 3-5 servings of vegetables (especially those leafy greens), whole grains & beans instead of meat, chicken or fish. Plus, I have 1-2 Isalean Shakes. They are a deliciously complete meal replacement containing 23 grams of the highest quality New Zealand whey and casein protein from grass-fed cows with no added hormones or antibiotics, as well as filling fiber, calcium and vitamins to support my body’s vital functions. This perfectly balanced shake also contains Ionic Alfalfa™, a proprietary blend of 70 super-charged minerals, trace minerals and alfalfa juice. Active enzymes in each serving help maximize the absorption of key nutrients.

And that my friends is how I manage to have more natural energy.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Why My Diet Failed Me Last Week

So I partied LIKE a rockstar last week. Full schedule with meetings and events. No time for a good workout or eating right. By the time Saturday came around, I had no energy and felt like a piece of chewing gum and needed to be scrapped off the sidewalk.

Yep, that bad folks.

So what went wrong? I got out of balance by eating food and drinking beverages that just zapped my energy instead of consuming quality foods to support my energy demands needed to perform my daily schedule. Plus, I didn't make enough time to exercise, mediate and drink enough water.

Sound familiar? Ask me how I got back into balance ASAP after a week of living like a rockstar!