Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Is Where You're Living Zappin' Your Energy?

According to Galina Rozetti, NYC's Apartment Guru, your neighborhood and living space has everything to do with your energy. If you live in a neighborhood and/or an apartment that you can't stand -- it can affect your well-being. Chances are it feels more like a hotel rather than a home. Side effects may include: depression, anger, sadness, low energy & overeating. All these factors may affect the way you interact with your environment and others.

I had an AH HA moment when Galina shared this with me! It made total sense why I was out of balance last year when I moved from my UES cozy studio apartment in a great neighborhood to a 2 bdrm apartment close to beautiful Central Park border of NYC & Harlem. My lease was just about to end and since landlords were offering great rental deals I decided to make a move. The rent was as much my as my studio with more space in an up & coming neighborhood in Harlem. Any NY'er appreciates the value of more for less in the rental market. Then the drama began when I had to take another apartment in the building because of a paperwork mishap with my inexperienced broker - UGH! The apartment didn't come all tidy and freshly painted because of the mishap -- which added to the stress of being a rookie personal trainer at Equinox working 15-20 hour days. Let's just say I wasn't enjoying the experience at all and began really resenting the fact that I had moved.

Man this all really affected my outlook and attitude on life. I found myself tired and exhausted all the time plus this dump became a crash pad for the few hours I was home until returning to train evening clients. The shift began for me when I left my erratic schedule behind at the gym to resume working for myself, demanded a new paint job from my landlord upon renewal of my lease, donating and/or throwing away a ton of useless items, and re-staging my furniture. That's when I FINALLY fell in love with my new apartment. Since then, I have been enjoying cooking & entertaining in my home more along with discovering what a real jewel my neighborhood is plus having daily gratitude to be living so close to Central Park.

Bottom line is EVERYTHING is energy and connected to the space and place where I live.

If you are in need of an apartment and/or neighborhood make over.
Contact Galina Rozetti at 917-363-2359 to find the best match for you!

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