Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas For Those Who Celebrate!!!

So this is Christmas -- John Lenon

As we close out this holiday season -- it is a time to reflect upon what is and what isn't.

I believe my BIG take away this year that NOTHING IS EVERYTHING & EVERYTHING IS NOTHING. I am finding I have it all right now and this will allow for a lot more to come into my life.

I have some REALLY big plans for 2011 to help inspire you to GROW, CHANGE & DREAM again in all areas of your life...ideal relationship, career, physical wellness (ideal body weight, improved health), & being connected to your higher self.

My journey into 2011 and my 43rd year of life is going to be ONE of the most memorable years of my life. I am determined to have one of the most JUICY, SASSY & HEALTHY YEARS of my life.

I'm promoting a NEW YEAR, NEW YOU program in conjunction with Jen Smith Training.
We are a determined group of people who are ready to be empowered with better health & wellness.
It starts 01/10/11. More details to come.


Oh -- remember you can eat what you want just get back on track on the 26th!

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