Thursday, February 10, 2011


It's TRUE!!!! 

While "officially" NYC Healthy Chick Meetup started on 12-26-10, 
be on 02-23-11 at the Houndstooth Pub in NYC. 

There will be a Red Carpet Event, FREE Happy Hour, Food, Cake, Fun, Music and More!!!! 

NYC Healthy Chick (a.k.a. Janet Cook) is an EX-NYC PARTY GIRL transformed into a Certified Holistic Health Counselor (IIN 2009). She takes her enthusiasm, optimism and energy she once had to PAR-TAY and guides others to holistically improve the quality of their lives while achieving a balanced, juicy, sassy & healthier lifestyle. 
The introduction of PRIMARY FOODS (career, relationships, spiritual, physical) is one of the main goals of NYC Healthy Chick. These are necessary to feed us and give our bodies the energy we need every day to live healthy balanced lives. You will also get exposure to healthier foods options plus supplements to nourish your body and promote a lifetime of optimal health & well-being. 

One thing is for sure ~ you will learn that EVERYTHING is food in your life and that you can experience anything you want to create. Believe in and EXPECT MIRACLES.
NYC Healthy Chick empowers people with real tools, education and ways 
                                      to create a juicy, sassy & healthier lifestyle. 

NYC Healthy Chick is part of a HUGE mission through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition to create a ripple effect of happier, healthier and more joy-filled people living in this world. After a 25 year span of "livin' la vida loca" ~ she has finally learned that her core happiness, joy, health, well-being, and wealth were really at stake, and in order to live the best life ever required the willingness to change, correct and improve myself every day. If she can inspire you to have the courage to take action to change, go outside of your comfort zone or re-write your "herstory" or "history" then my her as a Certified Holistic Health Coach is a success. NYC Healthy Chick's information will always be related to nutrition because food is everything ~ career, relationships, physical, spiritual, and actual food. KEEP an EYE OUT...because you never know what she's going to write about in her articles, links, information & more. She will definitely will keep you guessing!

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