Sunday, January 2, 2011

New Year ~ New You 2011 ~ Goal Setting

As I kissed 2010 goodbye, I realized how many obstacles I overcame this past year.....
WOWSA honey were they a lot!

Was my life perfect? Not by any means.

Did I meet a lot of wonderful people? U bet!

Did I get stretched beyond my comfort zone often. OMG did I & boy were some really PAINFUL!

Were there several wonderful opportunities & chances for me to grow. Right on!

On New Year's Eve day, I sat down and came up with what I will create in 2011 for myself. Are some of them really BIG LOFTY goals? HELL YEAH! Will I achieve all of them? Ah, that's not the point.

So what's the point of goal setting? Believing I can and will achieve them is the point. I will get to see throughout the year how committed I am to making them all come true. That's part of the journey. It is my GPS for the year. So many times I meet people and they aren't happy. Why? Because they don't know what they want in their life. They go to a job the often don't like, they are in a relationship they really don't want to be in, they aren't their ideal body weight because they don't have healthy habits or beliefs to support well-being...the list goes on and on and on.

When I look at my life I realized that I am the COMMON denominator in all areas of my life ~ career, relationships, physical wellness, & spirituality. I have created this life I'm now living ~ good or bad, right or wrong, happy or sad. It's all been because of me ~ my thoughts, feelings, behaviors, actions & outcomes. I am the ONE who is stopping me from getting what I want in my life.

This year my blog is about inspiration and transformation. I hope that you will laugh, cry, cheer and celebrate with me as I share my journey to creating the BEST 2011 yet!

2011 Be My Best Year Ever!!!

(This is my daily declaration)

Health (write what you want it to look like)


Wealth (write how you will accomplish this)
Annual Income
9, 6, 3, 1 month from now.

Relationships (write how you want it to look & the goal)

Charities (5-10% of your annual income)

Here is to having a ROCKING 2011! I'm including some GREAT video links to some of my FAVORITE mentors out there. Hope you get some INSPIRATION to make your BEST year yet!

Evan Almighty

Tony Robbin's Philosophy

New Year Inspiration ~ Brendon Burchard

Have a ROCKIN' NEW YEAR ~ Celebrate 2011 NOW!


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